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Bionet Cardio Care 2000


1. ECG leads : 12 lead, simultaneous ECG and acquisition

2. Display : 2 x 16 character LCD Display

3. Patient data : ID, name, age sex, height, weight

4. Over 130 kinds of interpretation results based on advanced
   Minnesota code

5. Recording channel : 3, 6, 12 channel and 1 channel (60sec)

6. Grid function allows you to use low cost plain fax paper

7. One-touch operation (monitoring, recording mode)

8. Convenient A4 size print-outs allow for easy chart filing






The CardioCare 2000 is an economically priced 12 channel resting ECG that does not compromise on performance. Suitable for use in private practice, the ER, or hospitals use, the CardioCare 2000 is designed for maximum ease of use and convenience. Software upgradeable and networkable, the CardioCare 2000 is an excellent choice for your diagnostic needs.

  • Bionet Cardio Care 2000